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Supply Chain Solutions


Our Lumping Service is distinct in the managed labor industry. We merge technology with incentivized manpower to provide a superior workforce.

We manufacture productivity by finding the right people, training them effectively, and holding them accountable while incentivizing both productivity and accuracy.

Our unique performance-based pay system combined with proprietary labor-management software enables our workers to be 30% more productive.

Increased employee earnings potentially leads to less turnover, more experience, and more effectiveness.


When it comes to getting things done, Labor is the number one need.  Our staffing operation can provide the contingent workforce you need to be successful.  From general labor to skilled workers and clerical to management, Moore Advanced Inc. can help.  We customize our recruiting, screening and testing processes to identify the best people to fill your needs.  Want On-Site supervision to manage the workforce, we can provide that too.

For Temporary Staffing, Temp-to-Hire, Permanent Placement, short term, long term, big or small; whatever your labor need is, Moore Advanced Inc. makes it easy to get the staff that will get the job done.

Your inbound freight sets the pace and efficiency of your warehousing operations. Do it right and you have well paced flow and high  efficiency. When it’s wrong, everything is wrong.  Your outbound freight establishes your end-customer reputation and sets the inventory requirements of your entire logistics program. It needs to respond rapidly to the changes in your marketplace.

Moore Advanced Inc’s freight forwarding network is extensive.  It gives us the flexibility to build custom inbound and outbound channels that optimize your distribution logistics.

Moore Advanced has the size and operational experience to provide our customers with an outsourced warehousing and distribution solution. If you’re operational needs require additional flexibility in storage or lacks the volume to warrant a single, dedicated facility, let Moore Advanced  ODS provide you with a dedicated or shared warehousing solution.

A portion of our warehouse operations accommodates shared customers.  This provides is the ability to allocate fixed costs for space, material handling equipment, overhead, systems, and labor across multiple Moore Advanced customers. This will dramatically reduce your current supply chain costs.

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